In loving memory

Janie Chase Cozzi

November 2, 2000 – October 8, 2016

Inspired by the story of Janie Chase Cozzi, The Janie Chase Cozzi Foundation promotes mentoring programs and provides financial support for middle school and high school girls in the areas of education, leadership, global awareness, arts, and athletics.

Core Principles

We recognize the natural capabilities in girls and inspire them to find their voice to achieve their potential.

We encourage academic excellence, confidence, and leadership that will enable girls to engage in their communities and create a lasting impact.

We unlock the doors of opportunity for girls, removing barriers, to allow them to engage in a global society.

Scholarships and Programs

Janie's Key

A scholarship to help advance and engage girls academically by offering them tuition assistance for private school, semester schools, and other academic enrichment programs.

Play for Janie

A scholarship to encourage girls’ deeper involvement in extra curricular programs. Offering financial assistance for program costs to athletic and arts programs outside of their school.

To the Moon and Back

A scholarship encouraging girls’ leadership and global awareness. Offering financial assistance toward programs in leadership, health awareness, and international exchange.


Curriculums for peer-to-peer mentoring program for girls in public middle and high schools as well as collaborations with organizations to create woman to girl mentoring.

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Janie's Story

Growing up in The Mad River Valley of Vermont, Janie was a vibrant child. In middle school, like many other girls at that stage, Janie found herself in an environment that did not stimulate her curiosity or bring her joy. Her light started to go out. Janie dreamed of finding activities and a place that would fuel her. She starting playing club soccer with Vermont Elite and Capital Soccer Club and her confidence began to return.

Eventually Janie researched an idea of going to boarding school. She felt that this would help her unlock her door of opportunity as a student and an athlete. In the fall of 2015, Janie enrolled as a freshman at Kimball Union Academy (KUA). Janie flourished at KUA where she became excited about learning and created strong bonds with peers, teachers and other mentors. Janie found a successful balance between working hard as a student and enjoying other parts of her life.

Janie yearned to create positive change in the world around her. After her freshman year she was selected to be an intern at the Girls Leadership Camp (GLC). At camp she shared what she learned from her own personal transformation through her experiences with soccer, Kimball Union and GLC. Janie discovered that with a positive environment and guidance from mentors girls can grow wings and soar.

On October 8th 2016, Janie’s life was cut short. While returning from a concert, in a car with four of her hometown friends, Janie was killed by a wrong way driver on Interstate 89 in Vermont.

The JCCF will continue Janie’s legacy of valuing the importance of opportunity and the empowerment of girls. The JCCF will help girls become the students, artists, athletes, and community members who can make a mark on the world.